Dr. Enzo Tagliazucchi

Lab director

Non-ordinary states of consciousness, psychopharmacology, complex systems and data science, modeling.

Dr. Yonatan Sanz Perl


Computational models of large-scale brain activity, neuroimaging, neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Carla Pallavicini


Consciousness, neuroimaging, biophysics, computational modeling, machine learning.

Ing. Federico Zamberlan

PhD student

Chemical informatics, psychopharmacoloy, machine learning, drug addiction disorders.

Lic. Sofía del Pozo

PhD student

Complex network theory and applications.

Lic. Matías Palmucci

PhD student

Neuroimaging, sports psychology.

Lic. Laura de la Fuente

PhD student

Neuroimaging, development, drug addiction disorders.

Ing. Débora Copa

PhD student

Predictive neuroimaging, machine learning.

Lic. Camila Sanz

PhD student

Natural language processing and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Lic. Juan Piccinini

PhD student

Computational modeling of large-scale brain activity.

Ignacio Pérez Ipiña

PhD student

Computational modeling of large-scale brain activity.

Federico Cavanna

PhD student

Semantic analysis, nootropics, placebo, microdosing.

Ariel Berardino

Master student

Temporal evolution of semantic data.

Yayla Ilksoy

Master student

Transcranial electric stimulation and conscious information access.

Former members

Martina Gonzalez Vilas (PhD student)

Matías Laporte (Master student)

Alejandro Pardo Pintos (Master student)

Rocío Martínez Vivot (Postdoc)

Andrés Sánchez Ferrán (Intern)

Matías Battochia

Master student

Narrative arcs in reports of psychoactive drug use.